We are Bálint from Hungary, Michael from Germany and Pieter from the Netherlands. In September of 2016 we lived a communitylife in the city of Halle (Germany). This project was organised by the community of Taizé in France, and in the style of Taizé we were living this community life. The life is structured by prayers, by living and working among the poor and the needy, it´s a life in simplicity.

For this we were hosted by the Franciscan order in Halle (Pic: Bruder Franz-Leo). Together with the Franciscan monks we started everyday with a morning prayer. During the day we were present and helping at different social projects like language courses for refugees, childcare for children from poor families or families from refugeecamps, and a socialstore. Not only the Franciscans were welcoming us, also the protestant church was involved in this project (Pic: Pfarrerin Treu and her small child). Every evening we had our prayer in a beautiful protestant church. Here we prayed together with the people of Halle. People who likes to pray together with us, to meditate or just like to have a time of silent.